Where is Inverness UK? Inverness Map | Where is Map

Where is Inverness UK? Inverness Map

The city of Inverness belongs to the Scotland Nation and the Highland County. Nestled on the banks of the River Ness in the north of Scotland, Inverness is the last stop in the city on the way to the remote Shetland Islands. Slightly more discreet than major Scottish cities such as Edinburgh or Glasgow, Inverness is close to major attractions such as the Great Glen and Loch Ness, attracting travelers all year round who want to admire the spectacular landscapes and rugged landscapes for which Scotland is famous.

Where is Inverness UK
Where is Inverness UK

Be the cock on the black for your next stay in Inverness. This dynamic city offers all the wonders of the Highlands on its doorstep. Discover the landscapes of the Highlands, its emblematic castles, majestic mountains as well as a unique fauna, including the famous Loch Ness monster.

Admire the city and its surroundings from the top of the castle, marvel at the amazing St. Andrew’s Cathedral (Cathedral Church of St Andrew) or stroll along the banks of the Ness, which gave the city its name. End the day in an award-winning restaurant or an authentic Scottish pub with traditional music and a small glass of whiskey.

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