Where is Huber Heights Ohio? What County is Huber Heights in | Where is Map

Where is Huber Heights Ohio? What County is Huber Heights in

Places to See in Huber Heights, Ohio, Discover tours and events near Huber Heights, Ohio

What is Huber Heights known for?
The largest brick house community in America The city was known as “The Largest brick house community in America” for years. Charles Huber 9s The Huber Homes company built more than 10,700 single-family homes and 2,250 multifamily units between 19. 2.) Their music center is AMAZING.

Where is Huber Heights Ohio
Where is Huber Heights Ohio
Huber Heights
Huber Heights

Is Huber Heights the same as Dayton?
Things to do in Huber Heights, Ohio
Huber Heights is a suburb of Dayton in Montgomery and Miami counties in the U.S. state of Ohio. Its origins can be traced back to the now defunct Wayne Township, which was established in the early to mid-nineteenth century. Wayne Township was incorporated as the city of Huber Heights on January 1.

In Huber Heights, Ohio, with a population of 38,101 inhabitants, there were 84 violent crimes, 0 murders, 12 rapes, 46 robbery with intimidation, 26 assaults, 1,451 crimes against property, 252 residential robberies, 1,144 robberies, 55 vehicle thefts, 24 arson attacks in the last year.

Near Huber Heights is located:

Dayton with a population of 141,527 inhabitants. Last year there were 1,542 violent crimes, 39 murders, 91 rapes, 770 robbery with intimidation, 642 assaults, 8,949 property crimes, 3,244 residential robberies, 4,932 robberies, 773 vehicle thefts, 173 arson attacks.
Fairborn with a population of 32,352. In the past year there have been 79 violent crimes, 0 murders, 24 rapes, 26 robbery with intimidation, 29 assaults, 1,175 property crimes, 289 residential robberies, 836 robberies, 50 vehicle thefts, 5 arson attacks.

Is Huber Heights a suburb of Dayton?
What is Huber Heights Ohio known for?
Is Huber Heights Ohio a good place to live?
What township is Huber Heights Ohio in?

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