Where is Hokitika New Zealand? Map of Hokitika | Where is Map

Where is Hokitika New Zealand? Map of Hokitika

We discovered geological places like the Pancake Rocks, we went hiking to get to Hokitika George, a rock gorge where turquoise waters pass through as we had never seen before and we ended the day walking through the city of Hokitika. Welcome to the West Coast!

Where is Hokitika New Zealand
Where is Hokitika New Zealand
Map of Hokitika
Map of Hokitika

Just 35 minutes east of Hokitika is Hokitika Gorge (Hokitika Gorge). It is a gorge of granite rocks and bathed by the glacial waters of the Hokitika River of an intense turquoise color.

It is a 15-minute round trip through lush forest and it can be done easily. From the car park follow the signs until you reach a viewpoint where you can see the entire gorge. Then continue down to the suspension bridge that crosses the river.

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