Where is Hervey Bay, Australia? Map of Hervey Bay | Where is Map

Where is Hervey Bay, Australia? Map of Hervey Bay

About 100 km north of Brisbane, along the Sunshine Coast, Hervey Bay seems to be hiding in the shelter of Fraser Island.

You have to come to Hervey Bay between August and November during the humpback whale migration.

Where is Hervey Bay, Australia
Where is Hervey Bay, Australia
Map of Hervey Bay
Map of Hervey Bay

Travelers who are looking for tranquility and families, will surely plant their bags in Hervey Bay. This city seemed ideal to enjoy a little rest during my trip to Australia.

When I came here I liked the tranquility of the streets and its beautiful and long beach. Sheltered by Fraser Island near the coast, Hervey Bay is one of the few cities on the Sunshine Coast that is not hit by the waves of the Pacific. That will delight bathers, and despair surfers.

You have to know that it is in Hervey Bay from where the journey to Fraser Island begins. I also recommend a trip to the sea to know the humpback whales.

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