Where is Haysville Kansas? What County is Haysville in | Where is Map

Where is Haysville Kansas? What County is Haysville in

A southern suburb of Wichita, Haysville is a town of approximately 11,000 and has a small-town feel, independent of its larger neighbor.

This place, founded in the 1890s, has also overcome some adversities, rebuilding itself after an F4 tornado tore through the historic center of the city in 1999, destroying almost everything in its path.

Where is Haysville Kansas
Where is Haysville Kansas

There’s a glimpse of that past at Haysville’s Sweet Historic Park, which has a special vibe on Saturdays in the summer when the Farmers’ Market is going on.

Speaking of which, Haysville is surrounded by a whole repertoire of rural businesses like greenhouses and berry farms, all long-established family businesses showcasing the best of south-central Kansas agriculture.

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