Where is Haikou China? Map of Haikou | Where is Map

Where is Haikou China? Map of Haikou

Haikou is a city in China that has invited architects and artists from all over the world to design its current coastline, building 16 pavilions that seek to contribute sustainability, promote tourism and, in the long term, create a model for future life by the sea.

Where is Haikou China
Where is Haikou China
Map of Haikou
Map of Haikou

An ambitious project that will cover 32 kilometers and where each guest can let their imagination run wild. “In this post-globalization era, it is our responsibility to think about how to use limited resources in a more sustainable way and reconsider our relationship with nature,” explains project curator Weng Ling. “Thanks to the support of the Haikou municipal government, we are establishing an international destination for sustainable creative development, through the eyes of a group of world-renowned masters, which will shape the future of Haikou City and Hainan free trade port.”

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