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Where is Grand Canyon

Where is Grand Canyon? (Grand Canyon National Park) – Grand Canyon is biggest deep valley in the world  and in Arizona in the USA.

Grand Canyon definable to be a bigger slit to 1600 meters deep and 466 kilometers long.

Grand Canyon is had occured that channel by splitting in millions of years to Colorado River.

Colorado River are deepened to Colorado plateau over 1 million years in Grand Canyon National Park. Deepest and impressive part is until reached from powell lake to Mead lake.

However, Grand Canyon included Havasupai Indian Reservation and Hualapai Indian Reservation park that It is protect as a living space for Native Americans.

Garcia Lopez de Cardenas who he spanish, first time discover Grand Canyon that as a Europan in 1540.

Where is Grand Canyon Located in US

Map of Grand Canyon

Where is Grand Canyon Located in US
Where is Grand Canyon

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