Where is Germany? / Located in The World? / Germany Map | Where is Map

Where is Germany? / Located in The World? / Germany Map

Where is Germany? / Where is Germany Located in The World? / Germany Map – Germany location in the Europa and is most crowded population of European Union Member States. Germany or another named Deutschland has neighbors Denmark (in the North), Poland and Czech Republic (in the east), Austria and Switzerland (in the south), France, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands (in the west).

Where is Germany?

Berlin is capital city of Germany. Germany has that 357,168 square kilometers area, have population 80 billion people. But, many refugee live in country. The country use currency Euro money and you know Euro is the European Union currency.

The Germany known as the country of poets and thinkers in World history and one of the places to be seen with hundreds of years of culture, tremendous natural beauty and historical heritage.

A majority of the people of Germany believed Religion of Christianity. After Christianity religion, the most common religion is Muslim in country.

Germany has that thousands of years of cultural heritage, magnificent natural beauty and historical sites, Also, one of the most touristy of countries in Europa. You can find everwhere ticket (Plane, bus or other transportation) from your hometown to Germany.

Quick facts

Population 81,305,856
Density 233.2 / km2 ( 604.0 / mi2 )
Language German
Independence Year 1618
Capital Berlin (Berlin)
Currency Euro
GDP 3,850,000,000,000 (2014 data)
GDP per Capita 47,352 (2014 data)
Land Area 348,672 km2 (134,623 mi2)
Water Area 8,350 km2 (3,224 mi2)
Neighbouring Countries The NetherlandsBelgiumSwitzerlandDenmarkAustriaThe Czech RepublicLuxembourgPoland
Minimum Longitude 5.870
Maximum Longitude 15.030
Mininum Latitude 47.270
Maximum Latitude 55.050

Do You KnowCapital of Germany? Located in Europe Map

Map of Germany

Picture of Germany

Where is Germany Located in The World - Germany Map
Where is Germany Located in The World – Germany Map


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