Where is Gabon? Located in The World? Gabon Map

Where is Gabon? / Where is Gabon Located in The World? / Gabon Map – Gabon is a small country located on the African continent. Gabon is located on the equator and is located in the East and South of the Republic of Congo, Gulf Guinea in the West, Cameroon in the North, and Equatorial Guinea in the northwest.

Where is Gabon?

Gabon took the name ” Hat ” Because Portuguese sailors likened it to a hat. With a surface area of 267,667 square kilometers, Gabon country is a tourist attraction with its white beaches and wildlife. The capital city of Gabon, consisting of 3 Regions, is Libreville. The official language of Gabon country is English and French. Eighty percent of the country can speak French. However, in the national language of the country and at the same time which will work for native speakers.

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The majority of Gabon countries belong to the religion of Christianity. Gabon has an Equatorial climate and is hot and humid in every period of the year. Therefore, the best date to visit the country is between June and August. There is a flight to Gabon to transfer from many countries.

Quick facts

Population 1,608,321
Density 6.2 / km2 ( 16.2 / mi2 )
Language French
Independence Year 1960
Capital Libreville (Estuaire)
Currency CFA Franc BEAC
GDP 17,228,443,336 (2014 data)
GDP per Capita 10,712 (2014 data)
Land Area 257,667 km2 (99,486 mi2)
Water Area 10,000 km2 (3,861 mi2)
Neighbouring Countries The CongoEquatorial GuineaCameroon
Minimum Longitude 8.700
Maximum Longitude 14.500
Mininum Latitude -3.980
Maximum Latitude 2.320

Map of Gabon

Picture of Gabon

Where is Gabon - Where is Gabon Located in The World - Gabon Map
Where is Gabon – Where is Gabon Located in The World – Gabon Map

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