Where is Farmington Utah? Farmington Map | Where is Map

Where is Farmington Utah? Farmington Map

What county is Farmington UT in?

The town of Farmington belongs (from largest to smallest) to the state of Utah and Davis County.

The town of Farmington covers 20.1 km2, has 13,882 inhabitants (2010 census) and a density of 690.65 inhabitants per km2. The average altitude is 1,312 m.
The current mayor of Farmington is Scott Harbertson.
The French name of the town is Farmington.

Where is Farmington Utah
Where is Farmington Utah
Farmington Utah
Farmington Utah

Is Farmington Utah a nice place to live?
What is Farmington Utah famous for?
What region of Utah is Farmington in?

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