Where is Famagusta Cyprus? Map of Famagusta | Where is Map

Where is Famagusta Cyprus? Map of Famagusta

Which part of Cyprus is Famagusta?

Famagusta is a famous district among the 6 different districts located in Cyprus. It is located on the east coast of Cyprus. As for the location it is located on the east side of Nicosia and is known to have the port that is deepest on the whole island. Famagusta is under the control of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Since ancient times this city has played a very important role in terms of trade with other nations, in particular Western Europe. It has some very special and unique buildings, and is an attractive tourist spot. This city is very famous for football and has several football clubs and stadiums.

Where is Famagusta Cyprus
Where is Famagusta Cyprus

Why is Famagusta still forbidden?
Is Famagusta in Turkey or Greece?
Is Famagusta in North Cyprus or South Cyprus?

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