Where is Eritrea? Located in The World? Eritrea Map | Where is Map

Where is Eritrea? Located in The World? Eritrea Map

Where is Eritrea? / Where is Eritrea Located in The World? / Eritrea Map – Eritrea is a country located in the north of East Africa. The Eritrea country is neighbor to Sudan in the west, Ethiopia in the South, and Dijibuoti in the southeast. There is a Red Sea coast to the East and northeast of the country. Eritrea country is divided into 8 regions.

Where is Eritrea?

The capital city of Eritrea is the city of Asmara. The country is governed by the transitional government management system. The official language of the country is Tigrinya and Arabic. It is spoken in two languages except afar, Amharic, Tigre and Kunama in the country. Fifty percent of the country’s population is Sunni Muslims. The other 50 per cent are Christians and those who believe in local religions.

What is the nationality of Eritrea?

The country’s currency is Eritrea cash. The country of Eritrea which is dominated by a tropical monsoon climate the best time to visit March, April, September and October are the months. Eritrea is among the countries requiring a visa. Transportation to the Eritrea country is provided by transferring it from many countries of the world. Eritrea, located in the north of East Africa, is an ancient Italian colony. After the Second World War, the country was under the auspices of the United Nations and gained its independence in 1993. In this country, with its archaeological sites and natural beauties, there are about five million people living in different ethnic groups.

Quick facts

Population 6,086,495
Density 60.3 / km2 ( 156.1 / mi2 )
Languages English, Tigrinya, Arabic
Independence Year 1993
Capital Asmara (Maekel Region)
Currency Nakfa
GDP 3,857,821,138 (2014 data)
GDP per Capita 634 (2014 data)
Land Area 101,000 km2 (38,996 mi2)
Water Area 16,600 km2 (6,409 mi2)
Neighbouring Countries EthiopiaThe Sudan, Djibouti
Minimum Longitude 36.440
Maximum Longitude 43.120
Mininum Latitude 12.360
Maximum Latitude 18.020


Asmara : Asmara city, which is the capital of the country, is one of the places where tourists are most interested. The old Opera House, The Great Mosque, the Catholic cathedral, the National Museum of Eritrea, the Biet ghiorghis Zoo and the marketplaces that cater to the daily needs of the public can be seen in this city, also known as the ‘Small Rome’, because it remained in Italy for many years.

Keren : Most of the Muslim population in the country lives in Keren. In this city, which is famous for the marketplaces where colorful goods and traditional clothes are sold, the animal market where cattle and sheep are sold also has a very interesting scene. Keren is also known as the second largest city in the country.

Massawa : Among the local people are known named Mitsiwa, Miṣṣiwa ve Batsi. It is a port city located on the Red Sea coast of the country. This historic city, one of the oldest settlements in the country, was ruled by the Ottomans, Egyptians, Italians and Ethiopians before gaining independence. Massawa International Airport is located in this city, which has been the capital of the country for many years. :

Qohaito : Qohaito is located in the southern part of Eritrea near the Ethiopian border. It is one of the important stops of those who want to see the historical remains of the country. The ancient city of Adulis stands out with its Qohaito Plateau, Egyptian tombs and caves dating back to five thousand years. It is also home to mount Soira, the highest mountain in Eritrea.

Assab : Assab is a port city, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. It’s on the Red Sea coast. In addition to its tranquil and peaceful beaches, it is also known for its entertainment life, which is relatively more vibrant than other Eritrea cities. In this city, which has crowded days during the summer months, Assab International Airport is also available.

Map of Eritrea

Picture of Eritrea

Where is Eritrea - Where is Eritrea Located in The World - Eritrea Map
Where is Eritrea – Where is Eritrea Located in The World – Eritrea Map

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