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Where is Eltham Located? Eltham Map

It was a bit by chance that I discovered Eltham Palace and its gardens. In order to apply for British citizenship, I had to take a test and therefore swallow a lot of dates, historical facts as well as a good number of futile information (such as the name and nationality of the 6 women of Henry VIII). Eltham palace appeared in my readings and since it is located near my home, I added it to my list. However, it is only now that I am visiting it because we are rarely a tourist in our own city! So I am sharing with you my visit to Eltham Palace and its gardens, a nugget for all lovers of history but also art deco architecture!

Where is Eltham Located
Where is Eltham Located

Located in the Greenwich district, the Eltham Palace is a large Art Deco-style residence. Outside, you will undoubtedly be charmed by the beauty of the garden. As for the interior, it is said that this is a real masterpiece of Art Deco… So it’s up to you to judge, if you decide to visit this palace! After a renovation undertaken by English Heritage (government agency for the protection and promotion of heritage), the house is open to the public. The Eltham Palace was bought and redeveloped in 1936 by Stephen Courtauld, one of the members of the rich family who succeeded in textiles, and his wife Virginia. Do not miss to see the Great Hall, which is very beautiful and which is also praiseworthy for weddings, for example.

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