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Where is East St. Louis Illinois? East St. Louis Map

East St. Louis, Illinois is located just across the Mississippi River from the town of St. Louis, Missouri.

It is part of the metropolitan statistical area of St. Louis, extending from Alton to Arnold, from north to south, and from Alton (Illinois) to Alton (Missouri), from east to west.

East St. Louis is traditionally known as the “bad part” of the city.

Where is East St. Louis Illinois
Where is East St. Louis Illinois
East St. Louis
East St. Louis

Even in the last decade, its population has decreased by 32%, to reach only 18,000 people.

Crime rates are historically high, sometimes even breaking records.

Many travelers might look in a place like East St. Louis less expensive hotel options and close to the big city, but there are hardly any hotels in the city.

The city suffers from a history of racial tensions, gang activity, violent crime and industrial decline.

When the economy takes a hit, it seems to hit East St especially hard. Louis.

It is a city where almost 31% of the population lives in poverty and the median income is less than $25,000.

The truth is that St. Louis is my hometown, and I’ve only been to East St. Louis when I was driving to Chicago or accidentally skipped the last exit from Missouri (which is very easy to do if you are not attentive).

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