Where is Cumbernauld Glasgow? Cumbernauld Map | Where is Map

Where is Cumbernauld Glasgow? Cumbernauld Map

What country is Cumbernauld in?

Cumbernauld is a new town created in 1956 on the concept of separation of pedestrians and cars. The idea is that pedestrians never have to cross a road and therefore never have to cross cars (and vice versa). Surprisingly, the city is recognized for being the most hideous in Scotland.

Where is Cumbernauld Glasgow
Where is Cumbernauld Glasgow
What country is Cumbernauld in
What country is Cumbernauld in

This city is located between Glasgow and Edinburgh. To be more precise it is 21km east of Glasgow and 60km west of Edinburgh. This town is also halfway between two rivers, the Clyde and Forth. Moreover, the name of the city comes from the Gaelic “comar nan allt” which means the meeting of the two rivers.


History of the creation of the city
It was in the aftermath of the second World War that Glasgow suffered from a lack of housing and decent housing. For the sake of improvement, a plan was put in place in 1946 to set up new satellite cities to alleviate the problem. It was around the years 1955 and 1956 that Cumbernauld was designated as a new town. The promotion and development works lasted until 1996.

The new city created was considered a modern city. Many homes in this city have won awards for their innovative designs. The layout of the city and the philosophy of separating cars from pedestrians has also been considered by some as a utopian city model.

Shortly after the arrival of the inhabitants, electronics, high-tech or chemical industries followed the movement to also establish themselves around the city, thus generating jobs for the new inhabitants.

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