Where is Cuba? Located in The World? Cuba Map | Where is Map

Where is Cuba? Located in The World? Cuba Map

Where is Cuba? / Where is Cuba Located in The World? / Cuba Map – Cuba or officially the Republic of Cuba is the country of the Caribbean, the main territory of which is the island of Cuba, as well as about 1,600 reefs and smaller islands of the Great Antilles.

Where is Cuba

This is one of the last strongholds of socialism, a reserved cigar-rum region, dressed in a T-shirt with a portrait of Che Guevara and clamped under a mouse a book of Hemingway this is the Island of Freedom for any tourist.


  1. Where is Cuba?
  2. Capital of Cuba?
  3. Is Cuba an island or a country?

There is still no freedom of speech, but there is free medicine and education. Moreover, from year to year, Cuba is visited by an increasing number of tourists, which cannot but affect its external appearance.

Quick facts

Population 11,075,244
Density 100.8 / km2 ( 261.2 / mi2 )
Language Spanish
Independence Year 1902
Capital Havana (La Habana)
Currency Peso Convertible
GDP 77,149,700,000 (2013 data)
GDP per Capita 6,966 (2013 data)
Land Area 109,820 km2 (42,402 mi2)
Water Area 1,040 km2 (402 mi2)
Minimum Longitude -84.950
Maximum Longitude -74.140
Mininum Latitude 19.830
Maximum Latitude 23.280


Map of Cuba

Pictures of Cuba


Where is Cuba
Where is Cuba Located in The World Cuba Map

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Where is Cuba located in the world?
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