Where is Croatia? On World Map | Where is Map

Where is Croatia? On World Map

Where is Croatia? – Croatia is one of the few countries, the “pearl of the Adriatic” in the center of Europe, which still represents a mystery, and therefore a great interest for active and caring travelers.

Where is Croatia?

As a rule, Croatia is associated with the dazzling blue of the Adriatic, the aroma of pines on the shore, and high cypresses.

Croatia is called a country of thousands of islands, and this is not an exaggeration: along the coast of Croatia are scattered more than 1200 islands, inhabited and uninhabited, large and very small, solitary and collected in archipelagos. The islands protect the coast from strong winds, create a unique micro climate and attract those who are looking for a real, untouched Adriatic.

Map of Croatia

Picture of Croatia

Where is Croatia

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