Where is Corinth Texas? What County is Corinth in | Where is Map

Where is Corinth Texas? What County is Corinth in

Corinth is in United States (USA) (Denton County, Texas) in America/Chicago time zone. Nearby places are Lake Dallas, Highland Village and Lantana. There have been 29 violent crimes, 0 murders, 2 rapes, 2 robberies with intimidation, 25 assaults, 304 property crimes, 74 home burglaries, 205 burglaries, 25 vehicle thefts, 0 arsons in Corinth, Texas with a population of 19,935 in the last year.

Where is Corinth Texas
Where is Corinth Texas

Near Corinth is located:

Denton with a population of 113,383. Last year there were 306 violent crimes, 2 murders, 71 rapes, 79 robbery with intimidation, 154 assaults, 3,271 property crimes, 681 home burglaries, 2,403 robberies, 187 vehicle thefts, 18 arson.
Hickory Creek with a population of 3,247. Last year there were 2 violent crimes, 0 murders, 0 rapes, 1 robbery with intimidation, 1 assaults, 91 property crimes, 12 home burglaries, 68 robberies, 11 vehicle thefts, 0 arson.

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