Where is Chad? Located in The World? Chad Map

Where is Chad? / Where is Chad Located in The World? / Chad Map – Chad is a land country and has no coast. A big part of it covered by the Sahara desert and are located in Central Africa. It is bordered by Sudan to the East, Cameroon to the West, Nigeria to the South, Central African Republic to the south, and Libya to the north.

Where is Chad?

Chad country consists of 14 provinces and 54 counties. Ndjamena is capital city of Chad and biggest city in the country. The country’s currency is the CFA franc. The official languages of the country are French and Arabic. In addition to these two languages, more than 100 languages and dialects are spoken in the country. Chad country is governed by the single-Party Republican administration system.

The country has no official religion. But 50% of the country’s population is Muslim, 35% are Christian, 7% are Animist. The northern part of the country is dominated by desert climate, while the southern part is dominated by tropical climate. The best time to go to the country is between November and January. Chad country is among the countries requiring a visa. Since there is no direct flight from many countries to Chad, transportation is provided via Sudan or the Republic of Central Africa.

Quick facts

Population 10,975,648
Density 8.5 / km2 ( 22.1 / mi2 )
Languages Arabic, French
Independence Year 1960
Capital N’Djamena (Chari-Baguirmi)
Currency CFA Franc BEAC
GDP 13,922,224,561 (2014 data)
GDP per Capita 1,268 (2014 data)
Land Area 1,284,000 km2 (495,755 mi2)
Neighbouring Countries The Central African RepublicThe SudanNigeriaCameroonLibyaThe Niger
Minimum Longitude 13.470
Maximum Longitude 24.000
Mininum Latitude 7.450
Maximum Latitude 23.450


Map of Chad

Picture of Chad

Where is Chad - Where is Chad Located in The World - Chad Map
Where is Chad – Where is Chad Located in The World – Chad Map

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