Where is Catford in London? Catford Map | Where is Map

Where is Catford in London? Catford Map

Catford is a city in the country United Kingdom located in the region of England.

To make a phone call to the United Kingdom country and more specifically to the city of Catford, you must dial the United Kingdom area code before starting dialing.

Catford in London
Catford in London
Are you planning to travel from Catford to London by train? We have gathered for you all the useful information for this trip!

The fastest trains from Catford to London take about 10 minutes to cover a distance of about 10 kilometers.

On weekdays, the first train leaving Catford is usually scheduled for 04:55. The last departure is scheduled for him around 00:06. On Saturdays and Sundays, trains leave Catford at around 05:56 and the last train leaves at around 00:06. Services are frequent on this railway line. On average, there are about 85 trains a day that run between the two cities and leave every 13 minutes.
Where is Catford in London
Where is Catford in London

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This zip code includes the neighborhoods of Bellingham and Catford.

This part of London was rebuilt and rehabilitated from 1960 to the 90s. Resolutely urban landscape where the parliamentarian Archibald Corbett erected his utopian village for workers at the beginning of the 20th century, replacing pubs with places of worship.

you have a pub, the Goose at Catford which is very nice and we eat well there, it is located on Rushey Green just opposite the Broadway Theater.

Going up on Rushey Green (on the left having the Goose in front of you), you have another pub, the London & Rye, not bad, with an impressive choice of beers in short a notch above but no possibility to eat.

For an Indian restaurant, it’s not really the corner but near Catford Station, at the entrance of Thomas Lane (in front of the park), you have the TAJ, a small Indian restaurant, which does more the take away but possibility to eat on the rare tables inside.

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