Where is Cataño Puerto Rico? What County is Cataño in | Where is Map

Where is Cataño Puerto Rico? What County is Cataño in

Cataño is known as “the anteroom to the capital city“, ”the people who refused to die“, ”the forgotten people“, ”the people of the jueyeros“ and ”the people of the lancheros”. It is the smallest village on the island. Its patron saint festivities are held in honor of the Virgen del Carmen.

Where is Cataño Puerto Rico
Where is Cataño Puerto Rico

Cataño is located on the north coast of Puerto Rico, on the shores of San Juan Bay. The Atlantic Ocean limits its northern and eastern region, the town of Toa Baja delimits the northern and western region. For their part, Guaynabo and Bayamón demarcate the southern area of this town. Its topography is constituted by low and flat lands and belongs to the region of the coastal plains of the north.

Among its most valuable natural resources are the Ciénaga de las Cuchillasand part of the Bay of San Juan. On its coast are the Punta Cataño and Punta Stumps. In addition, very close to the latter is the Island of Goats.

At present, its predominant industries include refining, trade and the distribution and manufacture of rum.

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