Where is Catalonia Located in Spain Map? Who are the Catalans? | Where is Map

Where is Catalonia Located in Spain Map? Who are the Catalans?

Where is Catalonia? Catalonia is autonomous region and northeast of Iberian Peninsula in Spain. Catalonia has 4 province that are Barcelona, Girona, Lleida, ave Tarragona.

Where is Catalonia

Barcelona is capital of Catalonia and biggist city. Barcelona is the most densely populated 17.urban area in within the European Union. There are France and Andorran of north, the eastern Mediterranean and Spain autonomous regions of western of it.

Who are the Catalans
Who are the Catalans

The most important city of Catalonia;

    1. Barcelona (1.642.783)

    1. L’Hospitalet de Llobregat (266.415)

    1. Badalona (235.440)

    1. Sabadell (191.057)

    1. Terrassa (184.829)

    1. Tarragona (132,000)

    1. Lleida (120.000)

    1. Santa Coloma de Gramanet (116.012)

    1. Mataró (111.879)

    1. Reus (102.000)

    1. Girona (82.000)

  1. Banyoles (19.343)

Catalonia’s Official language are Catalan, Spanish and Oxidian’s Alcian dialect. Aranca spoken in Aran Valley By 7 thousand people and Oxidian’s Alcian dialect. Catalonia’s total population 7.512.982 that have 16.1% of Spain’s population. In last referandum results, has taken the title most populous autonomous region of Europa.

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Where is Catalonia

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