Where is Casablanca? Located in Morocco

Where is Casablanca? Located in Morocco – Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco, its economic capital. It looks more than any other cities in Morocco like a European city. The name “Casablanca” is translated as “The White House”: the Portuguese who founded it in the 15th century named it that way. Today, Casablanca is the second largest city in Africa (it is second only to Cairo).

Where is Casablanca?

The weather in Casablanca is not as hot as in other cities of the country: there is noticeable influence of the Atlantic Ocean, on the shore of which the city is located.

Casablanca is a luxurious and popular tourist resort: in addition to the weather, which allows you to fully enjoy your holiday, there are many nightclubs and other entertainment facilities, spa salons and, of course, beautiful beaches that begin right behind the cape of El Hank.

Quick facts

Country Morocco
District Grand Casablanca
Population 3,144,909
Elevation 27 m over sea level
Time Zone CET
Longitude -7.611380
Latitude 33.588310
Airport Mohammed V International Airport


Map of Casablanca

Pictures of Casablanca

Where is Casablanca
Where is Casablanca Located in Morocco

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