Where is Burma? Located in Asia Map | Where is Map

Where is Burma? Located in Asia Map

Where is Burma? Located in Asia Map – Myanmar (new name of Burma) is a state in Southeast Asia, occupies the western part of the Indochina Peninsula, the adjacent mainland and a number of coastal islands. In the west it borders with Bangladesh, in the northwest with India, in the northeast with China, in the east with Laos and Thailand.

Where is Burma?

This state is little known to tourists, since for a long time it was in forced isolation from the entire civilized world. Now the situation is changing in the country for the better, access to tourists from all over the world is being opened.

What is Burma called now?

Most of Myanmar includes high mountain ranges that enter the mountain system of the Himalayas. The highest point of all Southeast Asia is located in this country.

Map of Burma

Pictures of Burma

Where is Burma
Where is Burma Located in Asia Map

Is Burma a country?
Who are the Burma people?
Where is Myanmar is situated?

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