Where is Bulgaria? / Located in The World on Map

Where is Bulgaria? / Located in The World on Map – Bulgaria is an actively developing and distinctive state in South-Eastern Europe. This is the place of the eternal tourist season: here beaches with golden sand and clear water grow into the greatest mountains that occupy most of the country.

Where is Bulgaria

Bulgaria is famous for its pleasant and healthy micro climate, beautiful scenery, and inexpensive prices. Almost all resort complexes are equipped with an all-inclusive service.

Distinctive features of the Bulgarian population are kindness, diligence, openness, and hospitality, harmoniously combined with temperament and passionate love for their country. Such features in the behavior of the Bulgarians can provide a truly fascinating stay in the country: the residents will not only do everything for the comfort of the guests, but also try to tell as much as possible about their history and culture.

Map of Bulgaria

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Where is Bulgaria
Where is Bulgaria Located in The World on Map

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