Where is Brussels? Belgium Located in Europa | Where is Map

Where is Brussels? Belgium Located in Europa

Where is Brussels? – The streets of Brussels are always crowded. The flow of tourists to the capital of the European Union is not interrupted year-round.

Where is Brussels?

In summer, on the Grand Place and the surrounding streets, you cannot find a free place in the cafe or even on the sidewalk (especially when the place is covered with a magnificent flowery carpet of begonias), in museums and picturesque palaces of the city a large number of visitors.

Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when mentioning Brussels is the figure of the Manneken Pis and the famous Belgian chocolate. But in the city, there are other famous places: palaces in the style of Gothic, Baroque and Empire style, historical shopping galleries, museums full of priceless works of art, as well as amazing modern administrative buildings of the European Union.

Map of Brussels

Picture of Brussels

Where is Brussels

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