Where is Bray Ireland? Map of Bray | Where is Map

Where is Bray Ireland? Map of Bray

If you are looking for sand, sun and beach, Bray Ireland is the ideal town for you, because it is a special place for those who love the sea breeze and relaxing outdoors.

Where is Bray Ireland
Where is Bray Ireland
Map of Bray
Map of Bray

You can go to “The Martello” or to the “Platform” a restaurant with reasonable prices that is full of good vibes and energy, or you can also take a walk along the beach and buy something in the premises of the place.

There is also an “Ocean Bar and Grill Bray”, which has excellent offers on its menu. But if you are looking for hiking, you can walk for a few hours to visit the village of Greystones.

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