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Where is Bill O’Reilly? Now

Where is Bill O’Reilly? Now – In the US, with a scandal, the popular TV presenter Bill O’Reilly was fired. He was accused of sexual harassment. For O’Reilly – this is not the first scandal, but this time the evidence was enough.

Where is Bill O’Reilly?

More than 20 years on Fox News, dozens of victims and five lawsuits from former employees and guests of the program. The price of silence is $ 15 million. They paid in half – part of O’Reilly, part of Fox News.

The rating of the journalist falls, and those willing to cooperate – zero. The journalist tries to develop the content to create his online show, which can be viewed on his official website with a paid subscription, writes books and gives interviews to various media.

Where is Bill O'Reilly
Where is Bill O’Reilly

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