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Where is bile produced and stored?

Where is bile produced and stored? – In the human body, the production of bile occurs in the liver, and its accumulation in the gallbladder. What is bile used for? With its help, the following processes are carried out:

Where is bile produced

  • Stimulation of the enzymatic work of the digestive system: pancreas, intestine.
  • Inactivation of hydrochloric acid of gastric juice.
  • Absorption of vitamins, calcium, nutrients.
  • Prevention of the processes of fermentation, putrefaction of food in the intestines.
  • Splitting, absorption of fats, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, microelements.
  • Normalization of the nervous system. It is carried out by removing toxins from the body.

Where is the gallbladder

Where is bile produced
Where is bile produced and stored

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