Where is Berdyans’k Ukraine? Map of Berdyans’k | Where is Map

Where is Berdyans’k Ukraine? Map of Berdyans’k

Which country is Berdyansk?

Berdiansk is a city caressed by the tender sun of the southern coast and framed in the setting of the celestial waters of the Sea of Azov.

Where is Berdyans'k Ukraine
Where is Berdyans’k Ukraine
Which country is Berdyansk
Which country is Berdyansk

It is declared the true jewel of that region. This city that combines the features of a seaside resort, climate and healing mud, is one of the most famous in Southern Ukraine. The advantageous combination of sea and steppe climate, mild sea, wide beaches, healing bars of limans and numerous sanatoriums, all make Berdiansk an ideal place for rest and recovery of health.

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