Where is Belize? Located On The World Map | Where is Map

Where is Belize? Located On The World Map

Where is Belize? – Belize is a state in Central America, located on the shores of the Caribbean Sea and bordering Mexico and Guatemala.

Where is Belize?

The history of Belize originates from the Maya Indians, whose descendants still make up a significant part of the country’s population. In addition to them, the country has Mestizos, Creoles, Spaniards, and others. The multicultural population has for centuries left an invaluable heritage in the form of architectural monuments, many of which still represent an archaeological interest for scientists around the world.

Belize is perfect for family holidays, as well as for tourists who prefer active recreation. Also for tourists who are interested in archaeological sites, Belize will be an amazing place.

Map of Belize

Picture of Belize

Where is Belize

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