Where is Austin, TX? Located in Texas | Where is Map

Where is Austin, TX? Located in Texas

Where is Austin, TX? Located in Texas – Austin is the largest city in Texas, which does not have its own sports team. However, the local college football team usually collects more than 100,000 spectators for the game.

Where is Austin

In the center of the city are low buildings, because the law prohibits the construction of high-rise buildings in order not to block the State Capitol, which, incidentally, is higher than the National Capitol in Washington.

In the north of the city is a computer company Dell, where all the local talents for technology are going. There is an annual technology and music festival here. Here is the Village of Startups. Also in Austin, an annual music festival is held, the city is called the world capital of live music.

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Austin, TX
Where is Austin, TX

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