Where is Athlone Ireland? Map of Athlone | Where is Map

Where is Athlone Ireland? Map of Athlone

Right in the center of Ireland and on the banks of the imposing River Shannon, it is no wonder that Athlone has aroused the interest of everyone, from saints to sergeants, over the centuries. Walking around the city, it seems that every building has a history, from the twelfth-century castle and seventeenth-century barracks to the nineteenth-century hospice, a vestige of the Great Famine.

Where is Athlone Ireland
Where is Athlone Ireland
Map of Athlone
Map of Athlone

But this lively central region is far from being a simple historical piece. Bohemian cafes like Lowe & Co offer artisan products, chats with locals and a warm welcome. The pubs, from Sean’s to Seery’s, passing through Gertie Browne’s, are some of the best on the island. And with the Lough Ree pleasure lake nearby and the River Shannon running through the city, it’s a natural paradise for walkers, cyclists and water sports enthusiasts.

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