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Where is apple campus in austin

Apple chose Austin as a site for a $ 1 billion campus outside the Cupertino headquarters.

The technology giant Apple will hold 5,000 workers for the first time on Thursday, and then build a 133-acre campus that can accommodate 15,000 in the Texas capital, just a mile away from the company’s existing Austin facilities. The new campus will offer R & D, operations, engineering, finance, sales and customer support.

Where is apple campus

In addition, Apple will employ approximately 1,000 people in each department. In the next three years, new facilities will be opened in Seattle, San Diego and Culver City. The company will also expand in Pittsburgh, New York and Boulder, Colorado.

” Thanks to the new development, we are doubling our commitment to educating the technology industry and workforce across the country, ” said Tim Cook, Apple’s general manager.

Where is apple campus in austin
Where is apple campus in austin

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