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Where is Alamo Texas? Alamo Map

Alamo is a village in Hidalgo County, Texas. Centrally located at the Alamo Plaza in downtown San Antonio, the Alamo offers interactive tours and exhibits and features historical representations of Texas Independence. Founded in 1718 as the first mission in San Antonio, the Alamo served as a way station between East Texas and Mexico.

Where is Alamo Texas
Where is Alamo Texas
Alamo Texas
Alamo Texas

In 1836, decades after the mission closed, the Alamo became an inspiration and motivation for freedom during Texas Independence. For 13 days in 1836, about 200 Texas defenders occupied the Alamo resisting approximately 2,500 soldiers of General Santa Anna’s army of Mexico. The most famous of the defenders – William Travis, James Bowie and David Crockett – died fighting overwhelming odds for their freedom.

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