Where is Addison Illinois? What County is Addison in | Where is Map

Where is Addison Illinois? What County is Addison in

Home to more than 36,000 residents, Addison is a town in DuPage County in the Chicago metropolitan area. Addison is crossed by two main arteries, US 20 and I-290, which puts it just 20 minutes from the Chicago Loop.

There’s never a shortage of things to do for families in Addison, with an indoor entertainment center, the largest bowling alley in Illinois, a multiplex cinema, a laser playground, a nine-hole golf course and an indoor go-kart track all nearby.

Where is Addison Illinois
Where is Addison Illinois

There have been 0 violent crimes, 4 murders, 0 rapes, 15 burglary with intimidation, 29 assaults, 799 property crimes, 126 home burglaries, 624 burglaries, 49 vehicle thefts, 0 arsons in Addison, Illinois with a population of 36,942 in the last year.

Near Addison is located:

Lombard with a population of 43,395 inhabitants. Last year there were 0 violent crimes, 0 murders, 0 rapes, 11 robbery with intimidation, 33 assaults, 1,148 property crimes, 81 home burglaries, 1,044 robberies, 23 vehicle thefts, 4 arson.
In Illinois, the state where Addison is located, weighting the average to the population of Addison (the average city in Illinois has 48.596 inhabitants, Addison has 36.942), we get that for the same number of inhabitants there were: 1.567 violent crimes, 4 murders (4, 0% less), 85 rapes, 128 robbery with intimidation (15, 88% more), 154 assaults (29, 81% more), 746 property crimes (799 , 7% less), 299 residential burglaries (126, 58% more), 604 burglaries (624, 3% less), 128 vehicle thefts (49, 62% more), 7 arson (0, 0).

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