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Where is Aachen Cathedral

Aachen Cathedral Located?

The Aachen Cathedral, the High Cathedral of Aachen, Aachen, Münster or Aachen’s Marienkirche Church, the Episcopal Church of the diocese of Aachen and the most important landmark of the city of Aachen. The current cathedral consists of several substructures, each of which dates from the early Middle Ages to the modern era.

The Carolingian octagon, formerly the Palatine chapel of Aachen’s king Palace, is the most significant architectural example of the Carolingian Renaissance. Karl the Great made the rotunda and the West work against the end of the eighth century as the core of his Palatinate, plant, and erect: The Foundation stone was laid to 795, the completion in 803. The Carolingian Palatinate Church is surrounded by several additions from later periods, including the Gothic choir hall in the East and the multiform chapel wreath.

Where is Aachen Cathedral
Where is Aachen Cathedral

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