Where does Interstate 70 Start (Begin) and End | Where is Map

Where does Interstate 70 Start (Begin) and End

Where does Interstate 70

States Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Maryland, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Utah, West Virginia
Cities in Colorado: Aurora, Denver, Grand Junction
in Illinois: none
in Indiana: Indianapolis, Terre Haute
in Kansas: Abilene, Colby, Lawrence, Manhattan, Salina, Topeka
in Maryland: Baltimore, Ferderick, Hagerstown
in Missouri: Columbia, Kansas City, St. Charles, St. Louis
in Ohio: Columbus, Dayton, Zanesville
in Pennsylvania: none
in Utah: none
in West Virginia: Wheeling

Brief description Interstate 70 was the last major east-West link that was completed, but only in 1990 was the Eagle Canyon Bridge opened. With a height of 3,401 meters, the Eisenhower Tunnel is the highest point of all Interstates.
Length 2,173 miles or 3,497 km
Mandatory fees two sections of the I 70 are subject to a fee. On the one hand, in Pennsylvania, this is the section of the Route that runs together with the I 76. The Route runs here on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. The second toll section is located in Kansas between Kansas City KS and Topeka. She’s following the Kansas Turnpike.

Interstate 70
Interstate 70

Where does Interstate 70 Start (Begin) and End
Where does Interstate 70 Start (Begin) and End

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