What Is Kodi? Where Is It Used? How To Install?

Kodi; formerly known as XBMC is an Internet-based media software. You can easily access and watch content, such as music, videos, pictures, or TV broadcasts, published on the internet thanks to plug-ins designed for Kodi.

Where Is It Used?

Kodi is an Internet-enabled media software that can be used on devices such as computers, tablets, smartphones, TV boxes and Raspberry Pi. Kodi supports the most widely used Android and IOS operating systems on tablets and smartphones. It can also be used on Apple TV and Android-based TV Box devices. Android TV box devices are only working with the “Kodi” interface “Kodi box” devices are also available.

How To Install?

The installation process is actually very simple. “Kodi.tv” by logging into the web page, you download the code version that is appropriate for the device platform you use through the site. Then, you can always use it by installing it the same way you install applications on your device.

What Is Kodi - Where Is It Used - How To Install
What Is Kodi – Where Is It Used – How To Install

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