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What is a VPN? and How does VPN work?

What is a VPN? and How does VPN work? – VPN means “virtual private network” in English and connects you to a physical network in a place where you are not. VPN is a miraculous solution that allows access to sites that cannot be accessed. Some use this technology to connect to their company’s local network as if they were there.

How does VPN work?

VPN uses many different protocols and technologies. Basically, it opens an encrypted Tunnel (in the sense of Crypto) across the network from where your computer is physically located. The information transmitted through this tunnel cannot be viewed because it is encrypted from the outside. Security experts can see that encrypted data is being transmitted, but they can’t understand what their content is (unless they use very weak security).

VPN solutions install a network driver that is customized to your computer or mobile device (or embedded on mobile devices). It also gives you an IP number from the network to act as a virtual network adapter. This allows you to access allowed applications or local addresses.

What is a VPN
What is a VPN

VPN is a virtual private network. VPN is a structure that provides remote access to networks. Because VPN creates a virtual network extension, it appears to be physically connected to the network. Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a type of connection that allows you to connect to another network over the Internet.

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