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What continent is Germany in

The economic heart of the European Union, a populous country with a strong identity and a great cultural tradition, Germany is one of the reference points of Europe and of the entire West: today, after reunification, also from a political point of view. With a turbulent and painful past behind it, Germany has taken the path of European unity, towards which it has encouraged other Central European countries, while still working hard to reduce the differences in development within it.

What continent is Germany in
What continent is Germany in


Extended between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea and the Alps, the territory of Germany is very varied, although for the most part it is flat or weakly hilly, since it falls within the great plain that covers all of northern Europe. The variety of the territory and therefore of the German landscape is produced by the great heterogeneity of rocks and forms of the relief, from the oldest to the most recent: in Germany there are traces of the entire European geological history, and the presence of ancient rocks, for example, explains the abundance of useful minerals.

The Alpine and pre-Alpine mountain covers only the southern end of Germany, on the border with Switzerland and Austria; the highest peak in German territory is the Zugspitze (2,962 m). Other, less elevated mountains (Bohemian Forest and Ore Mountains), are those along the border with the Czech Republic and those (Black Forest, Swabian Jura) in southeastern Germany.

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