What Continent is Ethiopia in? | Where is Map

What Continent is Ethiopia in?

Ethiopia, located in northeastern Africa north of Kenya, is a completely continental nation, among the most populous and poor on the Continent. The Ethiopian environment is often harsh and arid, much of the territory consists of fairly high plateaus, the capital and only major city of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, is located at 2,355 meters high.


Which part of Africa is Ethiopia?

Form of government Parliamentary Federal Republic
Surface 1.104.300 Km2
Population 105,164,000 ab. (2022 estimates)
Density 95 ab / Km2addis Ababa Capital (3,860,000 ab., 5.889.000 aggl. urban)
Currency Ethiopian Birr
Human Development Index 0.498 (175 posto
Language Amharic (official), English, Arabic, regional idioms
Life expectancy M 59 years, F 63 years

Ethiopia is a state belonging to the African continent, precisely located in Southern Africa. Its territory is particular in that it presents the so-called acrocoro, a plateau composed essentially of heights, which generally have a conical shape, without any tip, which take the name of ambe. These plateaus are located in the highest positions of the territory, and tend to lower towards desert areas.

What Continent is Ethiopia in
What Continent is Ethiopia in

Ethiopia has a density of about 47 thousand inhabitants per square kilometer, while its area is equivalent to one million one hundred and thirty square kilometers. This state is especially prosperous waterways. Among the major rivers we can mention the Omo Bottego and the Blue Nile. The capital is Addis Ababa, which has almost 3 million inhabitants, and is an area where the differences, both linguistic and religious, are many.

Which part of Africa is Ethiopia
Which part of Africa is Ethiopia

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