What Continent is Eswatini in? | Where is Map

What Continent is Eswatini in?

ESatiniatini, officially Kingdom of EswAtini, known until 2018 as SwAziland, is a landlocked southern African state located between Mozambique and South Africa. It is divided into four districts, with the royal and legislative capital at Lobamba and the administrative capital located at Mbabane.


It gained independence from British rule in 1968. According to the 2006 constitution, the ESatini The king exercises the supreme powers with the help of the Supreme Council of the State and the Crown (Liqoqo), of royal appointment, composed of the Prime Minister and a variable number of Ministers. The parliament, with an advisory function, has a bicameral structure and is composed of the National Assembly, of 65 members, including 10 of royal appointment and 55 elected on the basis of individual candidacies (no political parties are recognized) and the Senate, of 30 members including 20 of royal appointment and 10 co-opted by the National Assembly. In addition, a Tribal General Assembly (Libanda) is convened annually by the king to hear the needs and demands of the various clans.

What Continent is Eswatini in
What Continent is Eswatini in

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