What Continent is Denmark in? | Where is Map

What Continent is Denmark in?

Denmark is a constitutional monarchy; the capital is Copenhagen; it has been part of the European Union since 1973.
Denmark borders Germany to the south, and two sea arms separate it from Scandinavia: the Skagerrak and the Kattegat. Greenland and the Faet Oer Islands also belong to Denmark.


Denmark consists of the Peninsula of Danimarca

The territory of Denmark is largely flat, characterized by slight undulations and isolated heights that do not exceed 200 meters in altitude. These are accumulations of rocky material deposited on the ground of the ancient glaciers, which about 15,000 years ago completely covered the region and which have flattened and eroded the reliefs.

What country does Denmark belong to?

What Continent is Denmark in
What Continent is Denmark in

In 2021 the population of Denmark was 5,867,412 people. In Greenland 56,541 and in the Faroe Islands 52,934.

Denmark consists of the peninsula penisola The total area is 43,098.29 km2, while the total length of the coasts is 7,300 kilometers. The highest point of the country is located at a height of 173 meters above sea level. The kingdom of Denmark also includes Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

What country does Denmark belong to
What country does Denmark belong to

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