What continent is Chad in? | Where is Map

What continent is Chad in?

Chad officially the Republic of Chad, is a state in Central Africa that borders Libya to the north, Sudan to the east, Cameroon and Nigeria to the southwest, Niger to the west and the Central African Republic to the south.


It is therefore evident that the country has no outlet to the sea and its territory is cultivable only in a very small percentage, also because the climate here is tendentially arid and all this consequently entails periodic droughts and even the threat of locusts, which destroy crops.

Is Chad African or Arab
Is Chad African or Arab

Is Chad African or Arab?

Chad is a continental state located south of Libya and west of Sudan, as can be seen from the borders it was defined more by the subdivision made by French and English imperialisms, following geographical and ethnic characteristics, with obvious consequences on political stability always in the balance. The territory of Chad is largely made up of a low plateau (300-500 m.), in the northern part desert (Sahara), while in the southern part the landscapes are Savanic and equatorial near the rivers.

What continent is Chad in
What continent is Chad in

Form of government Presidential Republic
Surface 1.284.000 Km2
Population 17,415,000 ab. (2022 estimates)
Density 13.5 ab / Km2
Capital N’Dam)
Currency CFA Franc
Human Development Index 0.394 (190 posto
Language Arabic, French (official), regional idioms
Life expectancy M 54 years, F 55 years

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