What continent is Burundi in? | Where is Map

What continent is Burundi in?

Small country in the heart of the Continent, nestled in the mountainous and rainy region of the Great Lakes of the Rift Valle prossima, close to the Equator, Burundi is crossed by the dividing line of the waters of the Congo River basin and those of the Nile, and is a point of transition between Central and Eastern Africa, a crossroads of different peoples and cultures.

What continent is Burundi in
What continent is Burundi in

This strip of generous land leads to the discovery of the sah ahili culture that dominates the East of the African Continent, or accompanies you to look towards the great Congolese mosaic. Everywhere, you will meet the human wealth and the different influences that characterize this completely original society, colorful crossroads of people.

The shores of Lake Tangan Moderna, the second largest and deepest in Africa, marks the western landscape of the country, where the capital BuumbUmbura is also located, characterized by evocative scenarios that alternate along its shores, fishing villages intent on drying ndagalas (silver sardines) to modern lodges with equipped beaches, where sometimes hippos and crocodiles venture, which can be spotted in large numbers in the nearby Rusizi Park.


Burundi is one of the most backward and poorest countries in the world, torn apart by a civil war at the end of the last century. The territory is mountainous, although it does not reach large peaks in altitude, to the west Burundi overlooks one of Africa’s largest lakes, Tanganyika.

Form of government Presidential Republic

Surface 27.834 Km2
Population 12,838,000 ab. (2022 estimates)
Density 461 ab / Km2gitega capital (192,000 ab.)
Currency Burundi Franc
Human Development Index 0.426 (187 posto
Kirundi language, French, English (all official)
Life expectancy M 59 years, F 63 years

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