What continent is Brazil in? | Where is Map

What continent is Brazil in?

Brazil (in Portuguese Brasil) is a federal republic of South America. With an area of 8,511,966 km2, it is the largest state on the continent. The capital is Brasilia.

It is bordered to the north by Venezuela, GuanaAna, Suriname and French GuaanaAna, to the south by Uruguay., to the west by Argentina, Paraguay., Bolivia and Peru, to the northwest by Colombia; to the east it is washed by the Atlantic Ocean.

Is Brazil in North or Latin America
Is Brazil in North or Latin America

Is Brazil in North or Latin America?

State of South America. Fifth State in the world for vastness, it extends in latitude between 5 N 16′ N and 33 4 45′ S, then between the equatorial zone and the southern tropical zone, for a length of 4320 km, which corresponds to an equal distance (4326 km) in the O-E direction, in the stretch of greater amplitude.

The Atlantic coast has a development of about 7600 km, while the internal borders (over 15,600 km) touch, from N to S and proceeding counterclockwise, French Guiana, Suriname, Guana; most of the border with Bolivia is marked by the Guapore River; minor stretches, in the Southwest, also follow river courses; while there are long stretches of straight border with the Andean and Platensi states.

What continent is Brazil in
What continent is Brazil in

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