What continent is Benin in | Where is Map

What continent is Benin in

Benin is a small state located in the west of Sub-Saharan Africa: this territory is characterized by the spread of resources but also of various problems that put the population that inhabits it in difficulty.

What continent is Benin in
What continent is Benin in

With a population of about 13 million, Benin is a small state in sub-Saharan Africa overlooking the Gulf of Guinea, rich in resources and opportunities but also with some problems.

The political situation in Benin is quite stable: here there is a presidential democratic republic, in which the current president is Patrice Talon. And if in 2019 the legislative elections were marked by violence and tension, it should be emphasized that the most recent ones, held at the beginning of 2023, were considered the most inclusive and peaceful in the entire history of the country, confirming the political stability that the country has managed to achieve.

One of the main challenges facing Benin is the climatic conditions of the territory: natural disasters such as floods, droughts or soil degradation are increasingly frequent and endanger the lives of the population. The lack of water that is linked to these phenomena is one of the most recurrent problems: in Benin many people, especially children, are suffering from malnutrition due to the lack of safe water sources.

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