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What continent is Australia in

Is a Australia a country or continent?

Australia is a beautiful country and one of the largest in the world. It is in fact the sixth country with an area of 7,617,930 square kilometers, largely covered by deserts but “only” 22 million people live there (in Italy, which is 20 times smaller, we are about 60 million). Is it an island or a continent?

Is a Australia a country or continent
Is a Australia a country or continent

After the article about the 10 largest islands in the world, many of you wondered why Australia was not listed in this ranking. The reason is simple. Because of its size, Australia is part of a continent. It is part, in fact, of the continent Oceania (also called Australia-Oceania).
If Australia were considered an island, it would be three times larger than Greenland, the largest island in the world, that is, practically the size of all of Europe.

What continent is Australia in
What continent is Australia in

The name Australia comes from Latin. In ancient times, in fact, it was thought that there was a continent that occupied a large part of the hemisphere south of the Equator (the southern hemisphere australis). Starting from this consideration it was indicated, speaking of the Southern hemisphere, a terra australis incognita, that is, an unknown austral (southern) land .

So unknown that Australia was discovered by the Dutch navigatorill Llemanz Zanzsoon only in 1606, over 150 years after the discovery of America (the British claim, however, that the continent was discovered in 1770 by the captain of the royal British navy Cook

Australia consists of several islands. The main is the Mainland (Main = main, land = land), followed by the island of Tasmania and many small islands called Remote Lands.

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