What continent is Albania in | Where is Map

What continent is Albania in

Is Albania part of Asia Or Europe?

It has a total area of 28,748 sq km, 1,350 of which are inland waters. To have a comparison term, it is little more extensive than Sicily.

The Albanian coasts extend along the entire western side of the country. The Adriatic and Ionian seas are divided in the Strait of Otranto at the height of the city of Vlora. The Adriatic stretch is characterized by a low and sandy coast, with numerous lagoons and tomboli (the -100 m isobata is located 50 km off the coast). The Ionic stretch is high and rocky, with walls overlooking the sea. The rocky bottoms are much deeper than the Adriatic ones: the Ionian coast, in particular the “Riviera dei Fiori” from Vlora to Saranda, offers one of the most beautiful views of the country.

Is Albania part of Asia Or Europe
Is Albania part of Asia Or Europe

The average altitude is 708 m, that is, twice the average for Europe. The highest peak is Mount Korab (2,753 m).
The Albanian territory has a high number of climatic regions in relation to its surface. The coastal plains have a typically Mediterranean climate, with hot and dry summers and mild winters, while the mountainous regions have a continental Mediterranean climate, characterized by harsher and wetter winters.


The population of Albania is just over three million inhabitants (3,150,886 ). It has a rather homogeneous ethnic composition, with about 95% of the inhabitants being ethnic Albanians.

Ethnic minorities consist mainly of Hellenophones (about 3% of the population), Wallachians or Aromanians (transhumant shepherds), Macedonians (also called Gorans and Bulgareci), a small number of Montenegrins and a not well-defined percentage of Roma.
There are many Albanians living outside the borders of the Republic of Albania: in Kosovo live about 2,000,000 ethnic Albanians, in Macedonia 500,000, while in Montenegro about 150,000.

What continent is Albania in
What continent is Albania in

The capital and the main cities

The capital of Albania is Tirana, with a population of over 700,000 inhabitants. Located at the foot of Mount Da Da The name “Tirana ” comes from Tirkan, an ancient castle whose ruins are still visible in the area. The city is characterized by wide boulevards and a large central square, overlooking the main civic monuments, including the ancient and beautiful mosque of Ethem Be.

Durres: by virtue of its favorable location, Durres is today a pleasant seaside resort, which happily coexists with its ancient historical and commercial soul.

Shkodra: it is one of the most significant and ancient cities of the country and of Europe, of great historical and cultural interest, nestled between the hills and the lake of the same name, the heart of a region still rich in traditions and a typically Balkan climate.

Is Albania in Africa or Europe?
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